Water, Ink & Paper: Hand-coloring Prints

For River of Contrasts: The Texas Colorado, I used a variety of printmaking processes to create the art.  Here I’ll show you the hand-coloring process:

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Water, Ink & Paper: Linocuts

This gallery contains 15 photos.

For River of Contrasts: The Texas Colorado, I used a variety of printmaking processes to create the art.  Here I’ll show you the linocut process:

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1919 U. S. Corps of Engineers River Raft

The U. S. Corps Of Engineers historian sent me a dozen reports and surveys.  This report, from 1919, included photographs of the Austin Dam, the river downstream of Austin, and the Raft–the tangle of trees, debris and silt that choked miles of the river and prevented river passage to Matagorda Bay and the Gulf of Mexico. Continue reading

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Sleepless in Lamesa

There is nothing like traveling with someone to expose personal idiosyncrasies.  While Annie (not her real name) and I have been friends for over a decade and have worked on several large projects, we’d never traveled together.  One of the first things I discover on our trip is that Annie is a champion napper.  Enviably, she can curl up, fully dressed, on a motel bed and fall asleep in seconds; half an hour later, she awakens refreshed and energized.  She naps after lunch and before dinner.  She naps whenever the need hits.  Napping is not an option for me.  If I fall asleep outside of my nightly 7 hours, I invariably wake up feeling like I’ve been poisoned. My eyeballs feel like they’ve been scoured with steel wool, my mouth tastes like a mouse has crawled inside and died and my grey matter congeals into rice pudding.  Unfortunately naps are as dangerously contagious as yawns.  I will perform calisthenics, sing any lyrics I can remember (completely disregarding melody), watch idiotic television or whatever it takes to keep me awake.  None of which can be done in a motel room with someone blissfully snoozing five feet away.  Sitting at a motel table with my notes while I wait for Annie to wake up, I invariably end up like I did in my after-lunch Art History classes: my face drool-glued to my notebook and a nice spiral binding rakishly impressed across my cheek. Continue reading

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Texas Calendar

March 2007

Lamesa in the Texas Panhandle

Somewhere in my formative youth, when my brain was sponge-like and deeply impressionable, I saw a calendar that has given my life an unfortunate form and direction.  Pie-shaped, the calendar was neatly and symmetrically divided into four equal, cheerful seasons.  Three apple green months of spring were followed by a wedge of rich gold summer. Autumn’s full quarter was the red of maple trees and ripe apples and winter’s months were pure white.  Such balance and fair play amongst the seasons!  It was the perfect year.  In spite of 40-odd years of irrefutable data from living in Texas, I still want to believe in my color-coded calendar.  A valid calendar would have 75% of the pie dull burned dry grass brown, 20% gun metal grey for the torrential storms that glut the rivers with floods, and 5% each of Spring green and Autumn red for the few days each year between October and March that are perfect.  (In addition a good Texas calendar would have a transparent overlay with hunting seasons indicated by multiple patterns of fluorescent orange.)  The sad result of my devotion to the idealized seasons is that I freeze in March dressed in festive spring clothing andwilt in October wearing autumn-appropriate gear.  August comes and I mournfully thumb through the L.L. Bean catalogs advertising “Three Season jackets” and winter coats, gloves, mufflers and hats.  Which three seasons I wonder? Continue reading

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